St Marys Children’s Theatre, Inc.

Costuming Policies and Procedures

St Marys Children’s Theatre, Inc.

Costuming Policies and Procedures

Please understand that:

1. Cast members will need to be measured for their costume. Volunteers will need to take measurements around cast

    members chests, waist, inseam, hip to ankle, and head. Some other measurements may be needed depending on 

    costuming needs.

2. Sound Technicians will be assisting with putting head set microphones on your child. This means that the designated

    sound etc.. will have to clip microphones in the back of pants, under dresses, sometimes down the front or back of shirts,


3. Once a costume has been made for your child, should you decide not to continue with the play you will be charged a fee

    of $25.00 to cover the cost for materials used.

4. During the show, your cast member may need help getting dressed. A parent volunteer will be back stage to help them. If

    you are uncomfortable with having someone else dress your child, you must be a back stage volunteer and take on those


5. After every show, your child is responsible for checking their costume over to make sure that it is show ready for the next

    performance. If any part of it needs mending or is missing, they must let one of the green room volunteers know


6. Cast members are responsible for making sure that their costume is hung up and put in the designated area before

    going home after the show.

7. If the costumes are permitted to be kept at home, it is the responsibility of the cast member to insure they are neatly

    kept and that all pieces are kept with the costume

8. Cast members are responsible for making sure that any props used for their part is put back in its place before going

    home after the show.

9. Cast members will need to be respectful of other’s costumes by not moving, touching, or wearing them.

10. All privately owned costume items need to be labeled on a tag or inside area that can not be seen by the audience.

11. Once in costume at the theatre prior to shows, no cast member is allowed in the lobby or the audience except

      immediately following the final curtain, or as designated and approved by the directors.

12. At no time is it acceptable to wear the costume at any other time except as designated and approved by the directors in


13. You may elect to personally purchase your costume for your character, however, it must be pre-approved by the

      costume manager. It will be your responsibility to maintain it in good condition for the shows and rehearsals, and to

      insure it’s safety and security.

14. Any contribution to the cost of your costume is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions regarding your child’s        

      costume please contact the Technical Director for your specific show.

Costuming Donation & Purchase Option

Costuming can be one of a shows largest expenditures.  If you would like to contribute to your costume (or costumes in general), please use the DONATE button below.


Tax-Deductible General Costume Donation the amounts of $25, $50, $75, $100, or some other amount are always appreciated!





If you would like to purchase a SMCT produced costume(s), this is at the discretion of the technical director and/or costume manager, as some pieces must be retained for future productions.  Generally, prices are as follows.

        - $25.00 Headpieces or accessories

        - $50 Simple Costumes (skirts/vests/trousers, etc)

       - Other amount as determined by the costume manager

Please see the costume manager to discuss purchase of your costume.  Purchases require their written approval.  Costume payments should be made to Jan Schiff.


Purchasing your own pre-made costume(s): If you choose to purchase your own costume please ensure the following.

       - The costume manager should approve all purchases in advance to ensure they meet the style/look  of the


       - You will be personally responsible for insuring that is in kept in good order. and ready for all dress rehearsals and


       - It will be clearly marked with your name and kept it safe and secure.


Costuming Policy & Procedure
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