St Marys Children’s Theatre, Inc.

Check in/Check out Policy

Please list at least 2 people who may pick up your child:
My child may drive him/herself

Checking in:


 1. All cast members must check in with the designated person as soon as they arrive.


Check Out:


1. Only authorized persons will be allowed to pick up your child.

2. Each cast member will receive a card per person on the pick up list. It is the responsibility of the cast member’s parents to distribute the cards to the people on the list.

3. The authorized person picking up the cast member needs to show the check out person the card to be allowed to pick up that cast member.

4. If the card is lost, you must bring in an ID or you will not be allowed to pick up. Please remember that if you don’t have your card you are holding up the line. Please be responsible and respectful.

5. If your child has a car, they will be allowed to sign themselves out. Please note this on the pick up information sheet. 6. The only cast members that will be allowed to sign themselves out are the cast members with cars.

7. At Friese Studio, cast members who are 9 yrs old and under will be picked up at the front right hand door. 10 year olds and older will be picked up at the back door.

8. At Lisa Allen’s Dance Studio, all cast members will exit from the main entrance.

9. Cards will be needed for pick up at both locations.

Important note in reference to pick-up/drop-off at Lisa Allen Dance Works:

Please do not park in front of the Frito Lay building next door.  LADW parking area is clearly marked with cones & ropes/chains.  If there is no parking available, please park in the "alley" between the Frito Lay building and the fire station and walk through the parking lot.  Please use caution, as this is a working warehouse.